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Hangxin has successfully developed a new hundred sets: special test equipment, integrated testing equipment, automatic test equipment, in situ testing equipment, universal testing equipment and test program set, leading the industry in China.


Extensively absorb the international advanced bus, virtual simulation, embedded computer; comprehensive diagnosis and design adequacy for the ATE products have a strong advantage in technology. Currently, Air China has launched a new range of generic types ATE based on VXI, PXI and GPIB and other international advanced bus, in accordance with modular, serialization and standardization.

Integrated Automatic Test System (ATE) a leading R & D base

Largest production scale and product range covering most models


First Develop Board-Maintenance Automatic Test System in China

Develop VATE6000 and VATE7000 through trinity technology of auto-detection, artificial maintenance and fault repair guide technology


Leading Trinity Technology Comprehensive Maintenance and Test Design

Products achieve the TPS design modularity,” “system platform combination,and meet the special needs of the customer maintenance guide and troubleshooting humanity, Has developed a hundred of integrated automatic test systems and in situ testing equipment for the customer. Especially comprehensive maintenance and inspection system has won the second award of science and technology progress issued by army.


ATE with automatic testing, manual intervention tests, maintenance guide and other features developed by our company, using a transport-type anti-vibration chassis, users can quickly complete the regular inspection and maintenance of equipment and other functions. Can be accompanied by security conditions, away from the base, with a large fleet of mobile security and mission support capabilities. Protection of helicopter / plane in the normal and emergency tasks like operations, training and implementation of important tasks.