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Excellent in-depth maintenance capability, "the best independent MRO supplier in Asia Pacific"   

    Hangxin has taken the initiative to introduce internationally advanced aviation maintenance equipment including the automatic test equipment of IRIS2000, ATEC5000 and ATEC6000 as well as AVTRON H350 integrated hydraulic test bench, also it has independently developed the test systems of VATE6000 and VATE7000 of integrated board-level maintenance. With leading equipment, and an excellent in-depth maintenance capability, the company has maintained over 100,000 high-value products in the past ten years for clients including over 30 airlines and aircraft users across China, Southeast Asia and North America.

   Based on the excellent performances in shortening maintenance cycles, improving maintenance quality, turnover security of aviation equipment and cost reduction of aviation equipment, Hangxin has won the First Prize for Advanced Aircraft Maintenance Organization by General Administration of the Civil Aviation of China, and also been awarded “best independent MRO supplier in Asia Pacific” by the American Aviation Week Group.

Maintenance of Civil Aviation Electronics and Mechanical Equipment 

Over 40 types of aircraft, including Boeing series and Airbus series

MD-82, 90,11
ERJ, CRJ, ATR72 and other regional aircraft

    Various helicopters


Taking the lead in in-depth maintenance

Hangxin has developed the TPS for the core boards of computers, such as TCAS, FMGC, FQIC, FCC, EFIP, ELAC, DU, LGCIU, AFMC, SMYDC, CPC, DFDAU and PDU, etc.


Hangxin is equipped with maintenance capabilities for over 1,000 avionic items, over 600 aviation mechanical items and over 30,000 part numbers.

With in-depth maintenance capabilities in the following systems

Computer control system • communication navigation system

Radar system

Gyroscopic instrument system

Integrated display system

Data acquisition and recording system

Cockpit adjustment system

Instrument system

Entertainment system

§ Electromechanical accessories

§ Fuel accessories

§ Electrical Accessories

§ Hydraulic system accessories

§ Pneumatic system accessories

§ Bottle system accessories and high-pressure vessel

Cabin equipment

◎ PDU and coil


Self-developed Equipment - VATE6000\7000

  ☆ China's first test system of integrated board-level maintenance aimed at the new complex airborne electronic equipment.

  ☆ Using the trinity testing and diagnostic design concepts of automatic detection, manual maintenance and breakdown maintenance, and adopting internationally advanced technology.

  ☆ The small, intelligent and comprehensive versatile testing and maintenance platform has been built to develop the board-level testing programs for complex electronic equipment.