Hangxin is doing its utmost to guarantee the priority for maintenance of aircrafts used for quake relief
 Enterprises of civil aviation transportations are shouldering the great responsibilities of urgent transportation for the earthquake relief.   Hangxin Aviation Engineering Group is also undertaking the important task of ensuring the aircraft transportation for quake relief in such a critical moment.  Hangxin Group promptly sent the greeting calls to the aviation companies which bore the important task of transportation for quake relief, made important arrangement immediately and regarded the guarantee of maintenance of aircrafts used for quake relief as the most important and the most pressing work.   Employees of Hangxin Group worked overtime night and day and arranged numerous urgent maintenance tasks, which ensured the punctual and safe flight of planes from aviation companies. 

  Guangzhou Hangxin and Shanghai Hangxin, both of which belong to the Hagnxin Group, have advocated that all staff should be responsible for their own tasks, stick to their own posts to ensure the quality, the quantity of air materials and the punctual delivery of them to various aviation companies.  The most important is to ensure the priority of maintenance of air materials for the aviation companies which undertake the task of aircraft transportation.  All management posts should provide full support for the maintenance plants.  The Marketing Department, the Purchasing Department, the Finance Department, the Human Resources Department, all departments from Guangzhou Hangxin and Shanghai Hangxin are supposed to coordinate together to contribute some help for the quake-hit areas.  We hope that our practical efforts will give some assistance for the quake victims’ security of life and the rebuilding of the homelands after the disaster.  

  “When disasters struck, helps came from all sides.”  Although being miles away, Hangxin Group is concerned about the safety of the quake victims, and shares weal and woe with the quake victims.  Hangxin Group is willing to be with the companies which undertake the important tasks of transportation for quake relief, be with all Chinese people.  We are all united as one, muster up all strength, meet the challenges, keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks and achieve the final triumph of the earthquake combat and relief.