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In 1994, Hangxin was established in Harbin by a group of senior experts in avionics maintenance with the founder, Mr. Bu Fansheng, as Director and General Manager. Starting from the maintenance of military aircraft, Hangxin has been dedicated to the aviation services and national defense construction.


In 1997, in order to pursue broader development with greater space, Hangxin moved to the south, to co-operate with Guangdong Group and establish Guangzhou Hangxin Electronics Co., Ltd, which then undertook helicopter maintenance and guard for the PLA Hong Kong Garrison.


In 2000, Hangxin Aviation Engineering Group was duly organized, whose business covered avionics maintenance, test equipment development and airborne equipment retrofitting, etc. In that same year, Singapore Hangxin Aviation Engineering Company, which focused on airborne equipment retrofitting, was also established. With this rapid development, Hangxin had access to the European Union and obtained the JAA Maintenance Permit. From this point Hangxin went global.


In 2002, Air France became the largest shareholder of Hangxin in place of Guangdong Group, bringing Hangxin’s management closer to the international level, also allowing Hangxin to enjoy greater development in internationalization.


In 2003, Hangxin expanded into the maintenance of mechanical accessories; Shanghai Hangxin was established, achieving the expansion from electronic maintenance into a comprehensive range of aviation maintenance especially mechanical maintenance.


In 2005, Harbin Hangwei, whose primary business is the maintenance of airborne equipment for military and versatile aircraft as well as the integration safeguard, and Guangzhou Hangwei, whose primary business is the development of ATE test equipment as well as system integration, was established in succession. This indicated that the strategic layout of Hangxin’s military and civil aircraft business had been completed, building a rock-solid quality basis for the development of its after-sale services.



At the beginning of 2009, Hangxin bought back all the equities held by AirFrance, embracing a new era of independent development. In September, Hangxin’s operating center in the north, Tianjin Hangxin, was established. In December, the equity restructuring and shareholding reform was completed. Thus, the military and civil aviation business of Hangxin had embarked onto the fast track of development.


Hangxin was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM.


Hangxin Completed the Acquisition of Magnetic MRO AS (MMRO).