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Our Team

        Hangxin promotes the sharing of knowledge, information and intelligence, as well as the building of a team with shared values and norms. The management staff and the core technical staff all come from main engine plants and large-scale aviation companies who have been engaged in aircraft design and maintenance, mastered advanced technology and the management knowledge of aviation products, and with an accumulated wealth of technical experience and experience in equipment support. Hangxin shows respect and appreciation for the talents’ professional skills, and are devoted to creating a vast stage for each employee to enable free play. In its first years, Hangxin proposed to turn the company into an effective learning organization, carrying out various training and learning activities for the long term improvement of the staff's personal accomplishments, this, coupled with their technical and managerial skills, enabled the whole team to step from good to great. 

International Training:

        80% of the employees have participated in technical training in product manufacturing, maintenance and so on, of renowned OEM companies. The experts of Air France, Boeing and OEM are invited to the company to offer on-site technical training and guidance, which allows the employees to master the advanced technology and management knowledge of aviation products throughout the world.

Domestic training:

        The majority of the senior management in the group has passed the MBA training, and the middle and high management have passed the maintenance management training of AFI. According to the training needs of various departments the training, in lean management, JIT management, supply chain management, TQM, R&D project management and so on, are organized and implemented every year.

CAAC147 Training:

        In June 2010, the certification ceremony of CCAR-147 training institution of Hangxin and Guangzhou Civil Aviation College was held in Guangzhou, this indicated that Hangxin had created a new pattern for talent training and technological innovation.